Article by Dr Janet Sosna, President, FBPW (Singapore)

BPW: A Celebration!

Session: BPW Leadership

23 August 2020, 1200 UTC 

The session addressed the question of what kind of leadership does BPW need to prosper.  The following is from keynote speakers, as well as breakout sessions.

The group identified two leadership styles that were highly appropriate for the organization – Transformational Leadership and Servant Leadership.


Infographic shows the components of

Transformational Leadership


The qualities defining Servant Leadership


There is some overlap in these two concepts of leadership.  Hence, the attributes of a good leader will include:

Inclusiveness / Engaging / Listening

Motivating with clarity


Owning up to mistakes and taking positive steps to rectify them

Ability to delegate

Commitment to the success of all women




It was also noted that awareness of, and commitment to, BPWI as an organization is important for the advancement of the club on the local, national, regional, and international level.

It was further noted that the ability to identify the strengths and weaknesses of team members and use them accordingly in teams and working groups is an important aspect of achieving goals.



A leader needs to build a unifying vision and develop a strategy to realise it.  Recruiting great people to join the vision, while focusing on results to create impact and innovation for the Organization will secure the future of BPWI.