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FBPW (Singapore) welcome our new Board Member, Sujata Tiwari. Congratulations! She has just launched her new book ‘Against All Odds: No Retakes, No Manuals, Real life lessons’.

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Book Cover: Against All Odds


About the Author:

Sujata has accumulated a wealth of experiences during her life leading to insights & knowledge that cannot be coached or taught in a class. She has been a mother, wife, journalist, consultant, activist, leader, and businesswoman domestically and internationally. In sharing her story, Sujata strives to provide readers of all backgrounds in any part of the world with real life examples on how to deal with the unpredictable nature of everyday life.

Sujata is currently a member of the Singapore Business & Professional Women’s Association – Main Chapter.She is also an ExCo Member of FBPW(S) and holds the position of UN Status of Women Chair (2020-2022).

 About the Book:

This book is about how to be a survivor in face of gender discrimination, culture biases, mental, verbal, physical or emotional exploitation and all kinds of sexual abuse, whether is within the home, at the workplace or in society at large.

Sujata referred to her book as a ‘Legal life Manual’ for those who are trapped or stifled in an unhappy marriage, parent child discord, exploited by demanding bosses or even rape victims. You need not compromise on a daily basis or be imprisoned by your own circumstances.

‘When you are pushed to the wall. Push back… take action even if it is swimming against the tide or Against all Odds.’ said Sujata.