Board Members of the Federation Of Business and Professional Women’s Association met up over food and wine on 30th Dec 2021, at NUSS Guildhouse @Mandalay to celebrate Post-Christmas and welcome a Brand New Year 2022 in advance. Cheers!

Photo 1 (Clockwise): Joanne Kam (Hon Sec FBPW Singapore, Past President, BPWA(Singapore)-Mandarin Chapter), Dr Janet Sosna ( President, FBPW Singapore, Education and Personal Development Chair, SBPWA), Teresa Teo Lay Yan (Publicity Chairperson, FBPW Singapore, IPP, BPWA(Singapore)-Third Chapter), Joanna Portilla (Finance Chairperson, FBPW Singapore, Programme Chair, BPWA(Singapore)-Third Chapter), Triena Ong (2nd Vice-President, FBPW Singapore, VP,BPWA(Singapore)-Third Chapter), May Pok ( Committee Members, FBPW Singapore, Committee Member-BPWA(Singapore)-Third Chapter, Sia Sheau Chwen (Hon Treasurer, FBPW Singapore, President –  BPWA(Singapore)-Third Chapter), Grace Liu (Member, FBPW Singapore, Hon Treasurer-BPWA(Singapore)-Mandarin Chapter).


Photo 2 (Clockwise):

Valerie Lim, 3rd Vice-President, FBPW Singapore< 1st President-SBPWA), Sadie-Jane Nunis (Committee Member, FBPW Singapore, Member -SBPWA), Sujata Tiwari (UNSW FBPW Singapore, Member – SBPWA).